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Warning: Do not feed the CLAMP fangirl

Mostly on LJ to stalk others/communities/feed my manga and anime fandom cravings...although new Doctor Who is one of my obsessions too...and Sherlock Holmes-especially the new BBC series Sherlock, which has developed an impressive and time consuming fandom in a very short time and with only three episodes (thus far).

Scratch all that. Glee is now my life. Klaine specifically, but GLEE!!! I kind of live over on Tumblr right now because Glee fandom is quick and active over there.

I'm also living a Chris Colfer Appreciation Life which Tumblr has only enabled. I love that man and everything about him.

Scratch that, too. I've not been talking to Glee since the end of S3. I'm boycotting it until S4 finishes airing at which point I may choice to watch the season as a whole. If it doesn't end as disappointingly as S3.

So I'm back to animanga blogging and obsessing over other live action shows. But still over on Tumblr.

I tend to rotate through fandoms. One moment I'll be obsessed with CLAMP, the next I won't shut up about Bleach, then FMA will hold my interest etc. When I get into something I really get into it. But the stages don't last forever and I'll eventually move onto another fandom-although, they always float around me...waiting to grab my attention again. Hence why I watch SO MANY communities.

My life isn't interesting enough to provide a detailed account of my own life.

I've never really kept a journal or diary, but maybe I might put a few entries in every so often! If so, expect bitching about work (although I love my job really...really!).

Most of the entries I do make are about chapters or spoilers for various (normally CLAMP) manga. Occasionally I post about real life. Occasionally. XD

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My tags break up my own posts whilst I use the memories feature to highlight other peoples posts.

My journal is flagged for over 14s-not because there are particularly adult things in my journal but because I swear often and without warning (although, like most Brits, with the occassional apology) and because I don't really want young, immature teens floating around my person/journal/section of the universe.
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